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About Mike's Island Dip

History Of The Dip

“Island Dip” has been around for over a decade.  But up until recently, it was just called it “Mike’s Secret Dip.” The original recipe was based on something Mike’s mom made when people came over to the house.  The ingredients and ratios have been modified over the years to boost and brighten the flavor.  In 2016, Mike was encouraged to take his product beyond the backyard BBQ and launched in his first retail store later that year.

Mike's Island Dip
Mike's Island Dip

What Makes Us Different

Mike’s Island Dip is a fresh, complex, and versatile herb dip that can be paired with many different food-styles and cuisines. From the casual grab-and-go, to a rich and creamy companion in a fine dining experience, Mike’s Island Dip brings bright and fresh flavors to any dish.

Addictive companion to veggies & chips.

What's The Secret?

Vegetarian Approved

Made only with vegetables, spices and some dairy, Mike's Island Dip is vegetarian friendly addition to your favorite snack.

Made in Coronado, CA

Island-inspired and handcrafted on idyllic Coronado Island. No beach day is complete without Mike’s Island Dip!


Tangy high-notes and savory umami flavors give Island Dip the perfect balance of herb-kick and creamy taste!

Gluten Free

No wheat. No peanuts. No tree nuts. Its the gluten free option everyone can enjoy.