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Happy Dippers Unite!

Don’t take our word for it, we have lots of happy dippers.

Happy Dippers Unite

Coronado, CA

"This stuff is amazing. I literally put it on everything! From tacos to tilapia there's nothing that isn't better with Mike's Island Dip."

Sean E.

San Diego, CA

"This dip is unlike anything I've ever tried! It's so yummy and beyond addicting! My whole family loves it and cannot get enough of it."

Amber F.

San Diego, CA

"Amazing dip!! You could pretty much put this on anything. Goes good with chips, veggies, tacos, etc. One thing for sure is, it's addicting."

Vincent L.

Encinitas, CA

"I demolished this in 20 minutes. Dip. Sauce. Sandwich spread. Eat it with a spoon. So good."

Michelle R.

Coronado, CA

"Love love! This dip is so delicious. It's so unique and literally goes with anything! Save yourself time, and order at least 2!"

Mindy C.

La Jolla, CA

"Do you offer a subscription service!?! Seriously - my husband and I devoured it! Must. Buy. More. I was wowed!"

Lisa R.

San Diego, CA

"Just can't get enough! Our favorite salsa has been kicked to the curb and replaced with Mike's Island Dip!"

Mike G.

Oceanside, CA

"Mike's Island Dip is so delicious!! It goes great on all sorts of foods and I'm having fun finding different foods to put it on."

Nicole O.

Coronado, CA

"Very fresh with a wonderful flavor. It's the new secret sauce. You can put it on anything!"

Debra L.

Coronado, CA

"BEST DIP EVER!! I love it with chips & it's amazing on chicken or steak! I highly recommend!"


Coronado, CA

"I can't get enough! I seriously hide it from my family and inhale it in two days."

Becca G.

Alpine, CA

"Yum! Devoured an entire container in one sitting by myself. Great veggie option and it's spicy which is a big plus for me."

Andy K.